Organ, Tissue, and Eye Donation

Organ, Tissue and Eye Donation

There is a great need for organ, tissue and eye donation. Organs, tissues and eyes are  replaced or repaired in ill patients to give them a fresh start in life.

Organ, tissue and eye donors offer a precious gift to medicine when they pass – life. Donors can select what they are comfortable donating and where they would like their donation used.

If you would like more information about becoming an organ donor, ask your nurse for more information. If you have already decided to become an organ donor, put it on your driver’s license, tell your physician, carry a donor card, tell your friends and loved ones; make sure your wishes are known.

For More Information Contact: 

"Gift of Hope" at  or 630-759-2600

"Donate Life" at  or 888-307-3668

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