The Bone & Joint Center at CMH is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases of the body's musculoskeletal system.  Our specialized team offers a superior level of treatment and service, and integrates the newest leading edge surgical and non-surgical techniques with proven traditional methods of treatment, providing you with the best in orthopedic care.  Most importantly, our staff genuinely listens to your concerns and personalizes care to your specific needs.
Joint Replacement
- Joint replacement surgery has been available since the 1970s.  The vast majority of the surgeries are for osteoarthritis and only recommended when all other treatments have failed to provide pain relief.

Fracture Care - Fractures are all around us and affect all ages from babies to great grandparents.  All bones can break, especially hips and wrists.  Here at Crawford Memorial we offer the latest technologies to help deal with these unfortunate circumstances.

Sports Medicine - Physically active and athletic people can be especially prone to strains and sprains, from rotator cuff injuries to cartilage tears of the knee, from golfer's elbows to pitcher's elbows.  Our team specializes in sports medicine and will make sure both the young athlete and those young-at-heart will be able continue with their athletic dreams.

CMH also has our own athletic trainers on staff who attend the sports activities of the Crawford County schools.  Our goal is to prevent these injuries through proper conditioning and avoid the need to treat the injuries after the fact.



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